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HeliProducts USA

Tanalian Aviation recently entered into a partnership with Heliproducts Industries. Heliproducts Industries, located outside of Vancouver, British Columbia is a full service Airbus (Eurocopter) service, parts, and repair facility.

Under the partnership name of “Heliproducts USA”, all the services and products of both companies will be available to customers in the United States, Canada, and European markets. Although this initial partnership will start on a small scale within the Alaska office, it is anticipated that the service and parts delivery will increase fairly quickly.

Initially available on site in Anchorage, and available for shipping will be:

  • Basic Inspection kits for AS350 150 hour, 300 hour, 600 hour inspection
  • Basic filter and o ring kits for AS350 series
  • Technical expertise through Heliproducts Industries connections
  • AOG parts delivery through Heliproducts Industries
  • Tool Rental
Inspection Kit

Heliproducts USA, at the Anchorage office, will also have available a series of “Blue Box” maintenance cases. These will be available to all AS350 customers under the Heliproducts Industries “Blue Box” rental format.

For a tour of the Heliproducts Industries site and to learn more about the partnership of these two companies click the link below.

Heliproducts Industries
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