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Charter Flights

At Tanalian Aviation we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide variety of highly skilled helicopter charter services. With our extensive background in salvage recovery, sling loads, and remote operations we’ve become Anchorage’s trusted helicopter charter service. We can accommodate both the private and government sector.

Tanalian Aviation offers logistics, coordination and support, expediting and timely delivery of products and services anywhere in Alaska. We enjoy 100% customer satisfaction and a perfect safety record history. Tanalian Aviation prides itself in providing highly qualified pilots and the best in quality aircraft.

Anchorage Helicopter Charter Flights

Tanalian Aviation has been providing resource development helicopter services since 2009 and knows what it takes to do our part in keeping an operation functioning smoothly. We look for ways to be problem solvers and partner with the company’s we are supporting.

We are equipped in sling capabilities in both Robinson R44 and Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger. There is no place in the state that we are not willing to assist operations that need equipment and supplies slung in or out. We have a can do attitude and know how to get a job done without compromising safety.

Our crew of highly qualified pilots and mechanics can be ready at a moments notice. Let us know what we can do – call us at 907-280-8023 for more information on our charter flights.

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Federal / GSA

Each year we partner with multiple agencies to provide exceptional helicopter charter services. From Alaska DNR, ADEC, DOT, USDA to USDOI and NBC, Tanalian Aviation is ready and qualified to provide your agency with top notch customer service and performance.

We have OAS carded aircraft and pilots on staff with numerous hours of Alaska mountain flying.

Certifications: FAR 135, FAR137, FAR133, OAS/AMD

Give us a call at 907-280-8023 for more information and to receive a quote or fill out the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

Charter Rates

Call us at 907-280-8023 for current charter rates and extended contract rates.

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