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Alaska Rack (R44 External Rack)

External load cargo racks designed and approved for Robinson R44 Astro, Raven I & II and Clipper I & II helicopters. No FAR 133 certificate required if the load is within the approved cargo envelope.

Alaska Rack Kit On R44
Alaska Rack Kit On R44
External Cargo Rack Robinson R44
Installed Cargo Rack R44 Helicopter
R44 Rack Kit Cargo Load
Rack Kit For Helicopter External Load
Alaska Rack Kit On R44External Cargo Rack Robinson R44Installed Cargo Rack R44 HelicopterR44 Rack Kit Cargo LoadRack Kit For Helicopter External Load

Rack Kit Includes

  • Left and Right Racks
  • All required mounting tabs and eye bolts
  • Required hardware for mounting tabs and rack installation to mounts
  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)
  • Installation instructions and instructions for continued airworthiness
  • Holds up to 150 lbs. per side

Original Rack Kit: $4,500

Folding Rack Kit

Includes the same hardware and specifications as the rigid rack but allows you to fold the rack down for easy storage inside the aircraft for high speed flight (above 100 KIAS).

Folding Rack Kit: $5,150

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