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Aircraft Salvage & Recovery

The challenging takeoffs, landings, terrain, and weather for which Alaska is known unfortunately claims several aircraft every year. Tanalian Aviation’s Joel Natwick, with his extensive experience of flying in Alaska and background as an A&P mechanic, has managed the successful recovery of dozens of downed aircraft and retrieval of valuable parts and equipment throughout the vast state.

A Team Of Aviation Specialists In Front Of An Airplane In The Snow
A Happy Team Of Aviation Specialists
A Person On Top Of A White Aircraft

Tanalian’s salvage team is made up of competent and skilled mechanics and pilots who work diligently to recover valuable assets. They go safely, efficiently, and effectively to destinations of past and potential peril and accomplish the amazing. Please call for estimates. Check out video and photographic footage of some of our successful recoveries below.

Downed Aircraft Recovery

Downed Aircraft Recovery

  • Complete Recovery
  • Partial Recovery
  • Airframe
  • Engine
  • Instruments
  • Electronics

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