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Knik Glacier Landing

Our signature Glacier flightseeing and landing tour. This tour includes approximately 90 minutes of flying as we take you over the mountains to Eklutna Lake, Whiteout Glacier, Colony Glacier, Lake George and Knik Glacier. We will land at Knik Glacier, where you can get out and spend about half an hour on ice thousands of years old.

Tanalian Aviation Glacier Tours

Tour Highlights

  • Flight over the majestic Chugach Range, over Whiteout Glacier, with a steep descent onto Knik Glacier
  • Knik Glacier climbs from the tide waters of the Knik River up to 7,000 ft on the top of the Chugach ice fields
  • Birds eye views of glacial crevases, moulins, glacial rivers and water falls
  • Landing on the glacier. Get out and climb in and around the glacier
  • Drink the cleanest clearest water
  • Flight down the Knik River gorge
  • Vertical rock faces from the lake to the top of the mountains
  • Great chance of seeing sheep, goats, moose and sometimes bear
  • Summer or winter this is the glacial tour of choice

Knik Glacier comes down from Marcus Baker peak, the highest in the Chugach Range. Over 25 miles long, over 5 miles across, making it one of the largest glaciers in South Central Alaska. 400 foot ice walls rise out of the lake, which is spotted with icebergs. The lake feeds into the Knik River. National Natural Landmark. 5 mile wide face with daily calving.

During this experience, you will not only arrive and land on the majestic Knik Glacier, you will have the opportunity to view over half a dozen glaciers on the flight out!

$695 per person

  • Tour Duration:2 hrs
  • Departure Point:Merrill Field
  • Dates of Operation:Year Round
  • Landing:Knik Glacier
  • Seating:3 seats

*2 hr block, 90 min flightseeing with 30 min glacier landing. 2 seat minimum, reservations are recommended.

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